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Brunswick and Fort Kent, Maine

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Upcoming Trip to FORT KENT

The next client trip to Fort Kent is scheduled for Friday -Sunday, Sept 8-10 2023.

Trip frequency is usually every 5-7 weeks. Please check this site regularly for updated information. THANK YOU!! Appointments are most easily made by email or phone.

Call or email your supplement and appointment needs/time when you need to.

"OFFICE LOCATION in FORT KENT": The office is now located at 356 W. Main Street in Fort Kent. I utilize the Conference Room at the Northern Door Inn. Do not wait to begin care! I try my best to accommodate your schedule. Appointment hours are Fridays 3-7, Saturdays 8AM to 7PM and Sundays 8-11AM. I do accept new clients and encourage an email contact to arrange appointments. Contact us today! (

Southern Maine AREA Appointments

: I see clients at the Serene Healing Arts Center at 14 Middle Street in BRUNSWICK, ME. (Email or call me directly to arrange an appointment for chiropractic care and or nutrition. ( If no one is able to take your call please leave a message w/you contact information. (I will respond ASAP-same day)

NEW CLIENTS are always welcome. (I am quite flexible w/appt times while in the "valley". Early AM and evening times are available).

EVENING and WEEKEND appointments are available in Fort Kent and Brunswick.

How important is your NUTRITION: VERY important! I do believe that what you eat is essential to your health! You will be amazed at how even simple changes can give you more energy every day! What you decide to eat and drink does play a major role in your daily energy levels, the quality and duration of your sleep and even how well YOU digest your meals! We address weight concerns, diabetes, thyroid and adrenal issues and much more! Wouldn't you agree that what you feed your body influences how it functions?

What is different about the CHIROPRACTIC CARE we offer: I will spend the time with you to determine what YOUR health goals are. The actual hands on chiropractic "adjustments" are gentle and effective. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, I honor a technique in chiropractic named NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS. Please check this technique out in detail for yourself by going to: (or Association of Network Chiropractic)

We continue to offer gentle individual focused chiropractic care. YOU WILL notice a POSITIVE change following your first visit!

Now offering online consultations for nutrition and lifestyle wellness. From the comfort of your home you can ask questions, get advice and continue your journey to wellness. With my years of office and teaching experience YOU can improve your life at a pace you are comfortable with. Every baby step counts. Find out how! Phone consultations are also available. offer in office, Begin or continue your journey TODAY!

I am also offering my services to small and medium sized groups in a home or office setting with 30 minute to two hour education sessions concerning chiropractic, nutrition, stress management, ergonomics and lifestyle wellness. Let my 25+ years of experience guide you and your family to a healthier lifestyle. Watch for classes through Merrymeeting Community & Adult Education in the near future.

I realize that changing what a person eats is not always easy. So let's talk about adding not taking away foods! Come learn about readily available options then you can decide what is sensible for you. Eating well, making slow sensible changes will create better health.

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